Technology and equipment for placing during one pass of ground and road-building material with limiting density (without the further stacking, ramming and other completion

(Patents RF # 2140481,# 2143030, # 2175699)

A SPSIC-technology for building roads a structure of roads is offered, in which the compression of a road - building material proceeds similar to natural processes of formation (training) of dense structures of loose materials.

The proposed technology assumes the replacement of stacking, distribution and compression by a uniform process.


The process is carried out by a continuous supercharging of loose materials with formation (training) of the layers, adjusted for thickness, of required (limiting) density and necessary structure during one pass of the machine. One compressing machine, which implements new technology, is capable to replace presently used allocators, stackers, road-blading machines and road-rollers.

Forming machine for manufacture of road and airfield slabs type "ПАГ/ПДН" (PAG/PDN), 0,14/0,18 x 2 x 6 m

(Patents RF # 2065357 & # 2085400)

Production capacity, slabs/h - 10

Dimensions slabs, m - 0,14 x 2 x 6
Machine overall dimensions, m - 18 x 3,2 x 4
Weight, kg - 5000






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