Technology and equipment for manufacture of products from metal, metal ceramic powders with homogeneous structure without cracking

(Patents RF # 2032891, # 2065357, # 2085400, # 2147486, # 2147516)

The SPSIC-technology as a method for creating high-density structures within substances under high pressure is offered. This method allows making products with high-density structure without the use of the press-forms which allows significant economy of energy and leads to an increase in quality, creation of new and expansion of known materials. The method provides for increases in labor productivity use of through continuity of moulding processes. The metal content of the process equipment is sharply reduced.

The technology expands the sphere of use of powder metallurgy through manufacturing of products of the large sizes in compact a condition without pores with the required structure of grains, including with level (multilayer) arrangement of grains. It is achieved at the expense of continuous moulding of products without the press-forms or in the opened forms with continuous submission of powders into the zone of deformation.

The high efficiency of offered technology would compel to replace a large part of pressing equipment available presently in powder metallurgy with the more progressive and cheap equipment.

The offered method will result in creation of "know-how" of new materials and expansion of application of already created materials, the introduction of which is limited by their high cost.

The technical realization of the given method of manufacture of products from metal, metal ceramics of powders and powder composites requires experimental research to revealing the basic parameters of equipment for creation of test models.




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