Principaly new, non-vibrat, low power consumption equipment for the manufacturing of moulding forms

(Patent RF # 2077136)

Experimental research and the tests of an a prototype of moulding machine Russkye kachely have prooved the attractiveness of this technology for the use in moulding sections of casting workshops in the process of compression of casting forms. The principal new construction of moulding machines can substitute traditionally used shaking, vibro-pressing, pressing and other moulding machines. Also it provides higher quality of compression of moulding forms (high and homogenous density of mixture with respect to the moulding volume), vibration and noise at working places are non-existent and non-hazardous working conditions for the moulder are created.

These moulding machines don’t require special expensive bases, are easily built into automatic moulding lines and can be used both at new production facilities and at existing ones, which are under modernization.


Moulding machine for compact moulding mixture in flask (prototype).

Number of sub-pattern, pcs - 2
Clear dimensions of flasks, mm - 600 x 850
Flask height, mm - 250
Moulding mixture - Single (sandy-argillaceous)
Working member actuator - Electro-mechanical
Actuator installed power, kW - 15
Machine overall dimensions, mm - 2760 x 2310 x 1650
Weight, kg - 2200




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